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Chloé Robinson, DJ ADHD Steamin EP (Inc. Four Tet Remix)

Chloé Robinson, DJ ADHD Steamin EP (Inc. Four Tet Remix)

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Chloé Robinson and DJ ADHD’s Steamin EP has all the markings of a club hit - hefty doses of catchy bass and jackin’ energy are thrown together on a set of four tracks at a pulse-raising 135+ bpm throughout, with a killer Four Tet mix to finish. Firstly, Chloé Robinson and DJ ADHD pull out the jack on title track Steamin, with cut-up vocals amidst 909 drums, and the bass-driven, caffeine-fuelled syncopated beats of Redbull create a stir with some seriously infectious energy on the second track. Pax leans more towards techno, but utilises the same pallette used throughout the EP of hi-hats and swung beats. Lastly, Four Tet exercises masterful control of focus using a redefined sample from the seminal ‘Pulse X’ to ramp up the energy.


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