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Jockstrap I Love You Jennifer B

Jockstrap I Love You Jennifer B

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  • After a string of singles and EPs London’s Jockstrap are finally surfacing with their Rough Trade debut LP entitled I Love You Jennifer B. Jockstrap credits the blaring maximalism of EDM and the confessional bookishness of indie rock as equal influences on the noise they kick up, and most of Jennifer B thrillingly sounds like a war between those poles. The sentimental early single ‘Glasgow’ could soundtrack a coming-of-age film with its melodramatic sweep of synthetic strings, while the beatless ‘Concrete Over Water’ is still far too busy to scan as ambient. The closing, newly extended version of ‘2021’s 50/50’ strides even closer to the dancefloor than its beguiling original, revealing yet another path forward for a group that clearly has few limits.


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