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Deathprod Sow Your Gold In The White Foliated Earth

Deathprod Sow Your Gold In The White Foliated Earth

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  • Sow Your Gold Into The White Foliated Earth sits at the confluence of many musical minds: the innovative Ensemble MusikFabrik, the avant garde composer Harry Partch, and the experimental ambient/electronic musician Helge Sten AKA Deathprod. Given access to Partch’s often alien looking custom made instruments, Deathprod created a minimal yet visceral score for MusikFabrik’s performances, played by himself on this album full of buzzing tangles and frenzied plucks. ‘VI O’ begins with an imbroglio of forcefully struck strings, their serrated strums eventually chirping more harmonically before returning to their harsher nature with an added fullness.


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