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Quaid The Algorithm Don't Like My Freek

Quaid The Algorithm Don't Like My Freek

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  • “After the software hallucination of my last record Dreem Static we reboot back into the Metropolis underground: a never-ending computer simulation inhabited by freak machines and rogue algorithms,” says Quaid of his latest release. “Trawling through past and future frequencies to help process today’s hyper-reality.”

    If this sounds loosely like the plot of a wild and exploratory sci-fi film then that’s because Quaid builds sonic worlds that mirror the breadth, scope and futuristic visions of such films. “Storytelling is a key part of my music making process,” he says. “I’m definitely channelling late 80s and early 90s sci-fi killers like Total Recall, Running Man, Robocop and maybe some Knight Rider in there too. But all respun for the post-pandemic hyper-real craziness of today.” The sci-fi element also fits into Quaid’s incredibly strong visual aesthetic, namely his futuristic and very distinct eye glasses. “The glasses are a Quaid trademark for sure,” he says. “I got the LED lights custom made by a guy in the US who worked on the Cylon outfits for the original Battlestar Galactica.”


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